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Maternity Wear

A specially designed range of maternity wear uniforms for busy working mums to be

It is important for expectant mothers to choose the right garments when purchasing maternity clothing. Our maternity wear range has been specifically designed to offer the busy expectant professional female a choice of garments with comfort, quality and style in mind. Our range of maternity clothing has been expertly made with high-quality materials and have proven to be an extremely popular range with women working with a variety of professions. Our range of maternity clothing is available in a wide range of colours and sizes.

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  • Maternity Tunic NF52

    Maternity Tunic - NF52

    Maternity healthcare uniform tunic for medical and care professionals.

    With double action back and vents and a concealed front zip, this maternity tunic is comfortable yet hard-wearing with two chest pockets and two hip pockets. Available in a choice of colours and sizes.

  • Maternity Dress NF53

    Maternity Uniform Dress - NF53

    Comfortable and practical professional healthcare maternity uniform dress.

    A smart and practical professional healthcare uniform dress this is a comfortable fit with action back, front and skirt pleats and practical with four pockets a concealed zip front. Available in a range of colours and sizes.

  • Maternity Stripe Dress NF56

    Maternity Stripe Uniform Dress - NF56

    Comfortable and practical maternity uniform dress in stripe fabric.

    Double action back with concealed zip front this healthcare maternity tunic is a comfortable fit supporting front and skirt pleats. This smart professional tunic is also practical with four pockets. Available in various colours and sizes.

  • Maternity Stripe Tunic NF55

    Maternity Stripe Healthcare Uniform Tunic - NF55

    Maternity tunic in stripe fabric for designed for medical and care professionals.

    Comfortable yet hard-wearing professional maternity healthcare tunic with two chest pockets and two hip pockets and supporting double action back and vents for comfort. Available in a choice of colours and sizes.

  • Women's Maternity Trousers FM229

    Maternity Work Trousers - FM229

    Maternity work trousers for practicality and comfort.

    Made from polyester and cotton for a comfort-fit with an elasticated waist these maternity trousers also feature a soft front panel. Available in Choice of 3 colours with multiple size options.

  • Women's Easy-Care Maternity Trousers NF135

    Easycare Maternity Work Trousers NF135.

    The Easycare suiting collection is designed for practicality, comfort and style.

    With a Jersey panel for comfort and suitable for any industry these garments have been designed to reflect the latest fashion trends with the added workwear functionality. Available in 2 colours with multiple size options.

  • Maternity Asymmetrical Beauty Tunic NF30

    Maternity Asymmetrical Beauty Tunic - NF30

    A professional look with an elegant and stylish asymmetrical maternity tunic.

    A maternity version of our best selling style tunic, ideal to ensure you look smart and professional throughout your pregnancy. This tunic has been designed to look flattering from early in your pregnancy to full term with all the stylish details of our standard tunic collection. Available in two colours and multiple size options.