Physiotherapy Clothing

Hardwearing and comfortable physiotherapy uniforms clothing made for professionals.  

Relax and enjoy your work as a professional physiotherapist with our physio range of healthcare uniforms. Our smart polo shirts are available in various colour styles and sizes and our shorts and joggers are available in either black or navy giving you a perfectly coordinated uniform regardless of your choice of polo. Our products are highly rated amongst physios and trainers from across a multitude of environments.


  • Cooltex™ Joggers NU200

    Unisex Cooltex™ joggers for active staff in numerous areas.

    Made from a very comfortable polyester fabric with an elastic waistband incorporating zipped pockets and leg end hems. Available in a choice of two colours and various sizes.

  • Cooltex™ Shorts NU201

    Unisex Cooltex™ shorts are suitable as workwear in warm seasons and environments.

    Relaxed and comfortable shorts with elastic waistband and drawstring with convenient pockets. Available in a choice of two colours and various sizes.

  • Women's Contrast Polo...

    Women's contrast collar and cuff polo shirt.

    Ideal for active working roles. Durable and comfortable made from easily laundered polyester/cotton. Available in various colours and sizes.

  • Unisex Contrast Polo...

    Sporty polo shirt ideal for active professionals working within physically demanding roles.

    Durable, comfortable, easily laundered polyester/cotton. Available in various colours and sizes.

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